Moving On

Well, OK, so we didn’t stay in Louisville very long. We just moved again to Casa Grande AZ.  Once things are settled down, I will try to make more of an effort to write!

I am still waiting for the furniture and my car to be delivered.  That should be early next week, and then it will take some time to get everything arranged and organized.  If you ever moved, you know what I am talking about. We also need to get new licences, switch insurance, and all that other stuff that comes along with a cross country move. It was a total of 1,841 miles, that Dan drove in 3 and a half days. He had to drive the entire way, after I took a spill and sprained my ankle on the second night! But he’s a trooper and took care of everything.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned!



In the Midst of Trials

Here is another poem that I wrote a long time ago when I was going through something very hard for me.  I truly felt like I was being led by the Spirit to write it. Every once in a while I need to pull it back out and read it again. I need to be reminded of the message. It’s true! Midst of Trials

Just to “touch base”

Oh boy! I know I said I was going to write all the time and keep up with this thing, but obviously that hasn’t happened. Life gets busy. I am working part time at a senior living community and loving my job (most of the time). I have had the opportunity to share some of my poetry with a few of the residents, co-workers and family members where I work. This is one I shared recently after the passing of one of the residents. Dont be afraid

Lost Christmases

Although life is good in Louisville, I always tend to get a little down around the holidays. I know I should be joyful, but there have been a lot of tragic things that have occurred right around Christmas, and I get anxious that something else is going to happen. I am sure I am not the only one! I hope this will help encourage someone else who may be going through the same thing!  Enjoy the special moments and focus on the beauty that surrounds you.Lost Christmas

Getting Settled

Well, we have been here for 4 months now! It has gone by quickly! We are learning our way around. It is a nice area with plenty of shopping and things to do. Sometimes I am out somewhere and hear someone talk with that southern twang and have to remind myself…”Oh yeah, I live in Kentucky now.”  (with a little giggle) The country roads are so pretty and green.  We have found new doctors that we like, hair stylist, favorite stores and restaurants, et.

I joined the DCNN, and have been appointed as the new Newsletter Editor! So that will keep me busy! It is a great group of women, and I enjoy getting to know them. I am also going to a bible study.  I haven’t written any new poetry in a while, but I shared some with a few of the ladies in the bible study group.

We are making plans for some home improvements, like a new kitchen floor, and replacing the deck. Hubby has been working a lot of overtime, so we don’t see each other much, but looking forward to some vacation time, and in a few more years…retirement!

So, all in all, life is good in Kentucky!



Louisville – the first 5 weeks

Well, here it is the end of March already! It has been a busy few months. We drove down from Marengo IL on Feb. 21 and our belongings were delivered on Feb. 22.  It has taken some time to unpack and decide where to put everything. We aren’t finished yet. There are still a lot of boxes in the garage.

We purchased new GE stainless steel appliances for the kitchen. Dan installed them himself, which included running a gas line for the stove, since the other one we took out was electric. The new stove has a convection feature which I haven’t tried yet. I think I will when I make Dan’s birthday cake for him. He will be 60 on Monday! The new fridge has ice and water in the door, which is nice. And the water here is really good. No more well and water filtration system to worry about.

I enjoy the variety of birds that are around, and look forward to warmer weather when I can sit outside. I don’t know what is planted in the landscaping at the front of the house here, so that will be interesting to see. There is a flowering tree by the front door that should bloom soon. I don’t know what it is yet. The lawn has been neglected and is full of weeds, so we have set up lawn care service.  It will take a while for it to start looking better.

I have been getting out and exploring. There is a lot of shopping around. I found curtains for the living room at Kohl’s. I found some other things at Home Goods and TJ Maxx. There is an interesting place called Peddlers Mall that is full of antiques, vintage stuff, and junk. It is fun to browse through. I have picked up a few things there as well. It is right by the Kroger grocery store, and there is a home made pie and ice cream shop that I haven’t checked out yet. Of course there are a lot of places still to explore!

We have met some of the neighbors. Some are young couples with small children. We have been given Baklava, banana bread, and energy bites from the neighbors who have stopped by to introduce themselves. I was invited to join a book club that is starting up in the neighborhood. I am looking forward to that. I am also going to a meeting of the DCNNC, which is Derby City Newcomers and Neighbors Club.  It looks like a fun group that do a lot of activities including movie matinees, crafts, card games, day trips, et. I will attend their monthly meeting/coffee next Wednesday as a guest before deciding if it is something I want to join.

We already have our Kentucky drivers licenses, and Kentucky insurance on the vehicles. Todays adventure will be to have the vehicles inspected and get Kentucky plates for them.

Sunday is Easter. We are going to Church and maybe out for brunch. After that, it will be just trying to settle in to a routine at home, and using my free time to connect with people, explore the area, and enjoy life!